Leo Complete Solutions, Business Advisory, Enabling Solutions, Creative Solutions, Our values, about the team-Your Sub Title Here

Leo Complete Solutions, Business Advisory, Enabling Solutions, Creative Solutions, Our values, about the team-Your Sub Title Here

Our clients
Businesses - big and small
Career Professionals
Back-to-work and first-time job seekers
That our clients are high performers could be a coincidence. That they stay that way is not.

Our clients are leaders, champions, pioneers and innovators. And amazing people.
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Our services
Business Services and Solutions
People Management/Development
Mentoring and Coaching
Content Marketing
 Career Strategies
We work at the intersection of business development and performance, people-enabling services and creative solutions.

Our solutions are informed by what practically works, and technology that will keep improving it.  
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Our approach
Listening to our clients' needs
Solving problems sustainably
Tailoring cost-effective solutions
Integrating technologies
Working smart

We are constantly thinking of and delivering cutting-edge relevant solutions and tools to help you, our clients, fulfil your potential. 

Read more about our team below.
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Our business is grounded in creating undeniable value for you.
We offer advice and services that are world-class, innovative and cost-effective - and our customers say we are a friendly bunch.
Leo Complete Solutions operates globally at competitive pricing.
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Our team is trained internationally and locally, so they understand your needs and the environment in which you operate. We are committed to creating the best experience for you our customer.
Business Development Director
With an educational background in financial management and law, Bettie has 25+ years of experience in leadership and other C-suite roles in various industries, including global settings. This gives her the depth and practical business insights valuable in how and what we help our customers with. 

She is an alumnus of the Commonwealth Global Leadership, CSC Leaders, programme, as well as alumnus of the Maxwell School of Leadership, Syracuse University, USA. She also serves on international boards.

Bettie heads up our Business Services and Career Proof and is sought after for personal and career growth paths. 
Engagement Director
Lizel heads up our Enabling Solutions which focuses on change, talent management, people and people development strategies and processes. She also offers project management services and is a certified Agile Scrum practitioner.

She has a knack for life sciences and landing the perfect solution for our clients, as well as working with individuals for personal and professional development. 

Lizel holds an Honours degree in Labour Relations and BA in Political Sciences and is also an internationally qualified NLP coach.
"Your business performs when your team does!

Snr Data Analyst
"I am deeply fascinated by the profound impact a thorough understanding of data can have on decision-making processes.

I firmly believe in the power of data to effect positive change and am committed to giving back to communities through this knowledge."

Thabo's skills and focus:
Advanced proficiency in Python and R
Expertise in machine learning algorithms and big data analytics
Strong background in statistical modeling and predictive analysis
Proficient in data visualization tools such as Tableau and Power BI