Leo Cub Solutions - for start-ups and scale-ups-Your Sub Title Here

Leo Cub Solutions - for start-ups and scale-ups-Your Sub Title Here

Leo Cub Solutions - for Start-up and Scale-ups

Leo Cub Solutions are for start-ups, new entrepreneurs as well as scale-ups. We enable you to quickly establish or scale-up a business enterprise and to run it from anywhere,  efficiently and with low cost.
We have designed three packages to choose from, each with the essentials needed to get going.
Let us help you grow your own business!
Our exceptionally talented skilled professionals are here to help you every step of the way in building a new website. Making your life better is our priority.
For an excellent start - just right for establishing your enterprise quickly, from anywhere, and at low cost.
Per month
Great for small business. For lightning-fast set-up and quickly get word of your awesome business out there - this is the solution!
Per month
Our most comprehensive package, this is the perfect plan for accelerating away from your competitors.
Per month

Basic [Cubs]

For an excellent start

Cubs is a solution specifically designed for start-ups and new entrepreneurs. We enable you to quickly establish a business enterprise and to run the business from anywhere, efficiently and with low cost.
This includes everything you need to start your business:
- company registration
- legal address
- 8 hours of business consultation with our business expert partner
- a business toolbox with handy advice and resources for setting up (incl virtual office set-up)
- a pre-set-up accounting system and banking set-up taken care of.

You run your ambition and vision, Leo Complete Solutions does the rest.


Added Value [Paw Prints]

*Best Value and Most Popular

If you need to set-up and quickly get word of your awesome business out there - this is the solution!
Added Value solutions includes all the services of the Cubs package as well as:
- a website with landing and contact us page and SEO optimisation,
- logo and branding material for marketing (suited for digital marketing) 

Giving you all the visibility you need to bring in customers quickly! 
Added value also means:
- 12 hours of coaching and business mentorship
- a fully fledged accounting and financial management package with 8 hours training, with access to easy-to-use on-the-go features such as issuing quotes and invoices on the spot or for collecting receipts
- a real-time dashboard of your business' main indicators.

A full enterprise set-up in flash and at an affordable once-off or low monthly payments.


Advanced Package [Roar]

For businesses on a growth path

Leo Complete Solutions also provide tailor-made high-quality and cost effective additional options for businesses that is on a growth path.
The Roar model is the solution that will help you accelerate away from of your competitors.

The package comes with everything included in the Paw Prints solution as well as:
working on your business plans to understand your needs, providing clear step-by-step guiding and the necessary business tools to achieve your goals.
With the Roar package we also add:
- targeted  customer development and sales coaching (The Complete Pitch) 
- technology consulting and solutions 
- detailed people and process strategy including optimal staffing solutions, leadership and team member development. 

Our clientele includes Amazon FBA sellers, consultants, software companies, tourism, and hospitality, environmental alternatives, project management, financial service businesses. 

While we take care of your business needs, you focus on your customers' needs and grow revenue.