Human Resources Support-Your Sub Title Here

Human Resources Support-Your Sub Title Here


Businesses need the best talent, engaged teams, 
fit for purpose tools and knowledge to
unlock full potential.
Enabling Solutions have globally acquired knowledge and experience, and help businesses like yours unlock organisational and human potential.

Explore our solutions below and contact us for specific needs.
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Need an HR Strategy but cannot find the time?
We devise HR strategies that enable your business strategy and objectives.

Our approach is to work with you and your core team, identifying the enablement links by looking at competencies, processes and culture.

We then run through an efficient process where we work through enablers such as;
- employee attraction, performance, engagement & retention
- plus factors that make businesses an employer of choice.

The end product is an HR strategy that is tailored to your business and is flexible for changes in the market.

Organisational Design
Did you know that the average business re-organises every two/three years?
And that an average reorganisation takes 18+ months to implement?

Even with best intentions and systems, strategic goals cannot be achieved unless the organisational structure enables it.
Our solution is designed to help you implement an organisational design that:
- is agile and which enables your people to react in real-time,
- reshapes the business in real-time,
- takes advantage of market forces & innovations.

HR Audit
Are all your necessary and legally required documents, policies and procedures in place?
Does your business comply with relevant legislation?

We provide FREE HR audits.

We provide a comprehensive report, outlining gaps and areas that need to be addressed.

Covered areas include; HR Policies and Procedures, Contracts (employee, fixed-term, contractors, Job Profiling, Training & Development, Leave Management, Performance Management Systems and Tools, Recruitment and Selection, Employee Succession Strategy, Employee Retention Strategy, HR Risks, Recognition Programs, Legal Compliance to Labour Laws (BCEA, LRA and more), Statutory Compliance to Acts (Employee Equity [EE], Compensation of Occupational Injuries, Health & Safety, POPI and more.

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HR Policies & Procedures and Employee Handbooks
The backbone of your people strategy is a comprehensive handbook that guides employees

We develop and assist you in implementing policies and procedures that ensure that your business is compliant with relevant legislation, and also ensure that your policies and procedures align with company culture.

We have developed comprehensive staff handbooks for all size companies including international entities in the US, UK, Canada, Switzerland and Africa and can tailor policies to adapt to in-country legislation.

Performance Development and Management
Motivated employees strive for optimal levels of performance!
Performance Development
We design & align performance appraisal systems that ensure employees are aware of your performance expectations, that identifies and actions development gaps, and ultimately ensures that employees are motivated and engaged.

Performance Management Systems
We can help you identify and implement the most suitable solution for your enterprise and pocket, giving you people performance visibility. 
You are in good hands with our stand-alone and integrated software implementations expertise incl. Sage and WorkDay.

Direct Performance Management Support
Our experienced labour specialists take the headache out of poor performance processes, sensitive performance matters and disciplinary issues.
Talent Acquisition
We recruit for your specific needs without breaking the bank

An optimal workforce all starts with recruiting the best talent that fits your business and your pocket. And, hiring the wrong candidate is costly in recruitment cost and time.
We use a rigorous “10 rules” process, increasing success to within 95% of the right choice of candidate. 25+years in recruiting means y
ou can trust it is in hand.


Additional Services

  • Advice on the disciplinary process, draft disciplinary charges, chair disciplinary hearings.
  • Assistance and advice on Employment Equity (committee, plans and reports).
  • Assistance and advice with SETA grants: Submit annual WSP (Workplace Skills Plan and ATR (Annual Training Report) to the relevant SETA.

Keeping the right talent in the business is of paramount importance, it is part of building business resilience!

Retention Strategies - We devise a talent retention strategy that ensures that your star performers, most promising talent and key position holders are identified, nurtured and motivated to stay with your business.

Succession Planning - We devise a succession policy and plan that ensures that the business can operate as usual should a resource become unavailable for a period or should an employee resign. We obtain buy-in into the plan and process through an all-inclusive engagement process. 
We identify and implement employee recognition, including non-monetary programmes. We furthermore conduct employee climate surveys and make recommendations to leadership on areas of improvement. 

Company Culture - We have developed an approach that blends cross-sectional representative feedback with self-developed diagnostic analytics to give you an honest snapshot of your business' culture. We show you what is working and pinpoint areas which require focus, and how to achieve it (please also see our Organisational Design offering above).

Organisational Change - Our experience of over 25 years support statistics that 85% of organisational change effort should be spent on preparing for the change with the remaining 15% on the actual change effort. Our team has the knowledge and resources to take your business through this process successfully.



How do you ensure that your most valuable asset, your employees, stay relevant?

We devise a learning and developing strategy, fit for purpose to your organisational competencies and structure which establishes a culture of learning mindset and process.


Under the guidance of Lizel Heunis, an Internationally Accredited sought after coach, we create and deliver coaching tracks adapted to your business' needs and pocket.

 The Complete Pitch: Acustomer development programme for sales and client development teams or team members, guaranteed to increase sales performance and conversion rates.

► Communication & Influence coaching programme: Clear communication and ability to influence are essential and interlinked skills in business. Ability to turn thoughts and ideas into crystal clear messages that lead to desired decisions are at the very heart of business life. 

 Framing and Reframing coaching programme: A one day programme for new or re-established teams that teaches participants to think differently about challenges/problems using four different "frames". 

 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving:Critical thinking isa skill that is practised at all levels of business and essential to effective decision making. 

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Lizel Heunis and team
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